10 years guarantee

One-of-a-kind: 10-year
frost-resistance guarantee

10 years guarantee 10 years guarantee

As the only manufacturer with our own production facilities, we guarantee the highest brand quality. Thanks to our extensive multi-layer technology, our fibreglass planters are frost resistant and highly durable. Terraneo terracotta planters consist out of five earths with exceptional material properties – thanks to their unique quality they are frostproof as well. This is not just a promise. We back it with our 10-year guarantee!

Requirement for the guarantee: Excess water, rain or molten snow must be able to drain out of the planter unobstructedly. If water freezes when temperatures fall below zero, it expands and can even cause iron, asphalt or rock to burst.

10 years guarantee

This is why an unobstructed drainage hole is decisive for the longevity of the fibreglass planter. 

And by the way, not only is this required to ensure frost resistance, it is also the basis for healthy plant growth without any waterlogging.

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Please note: Our fibreglass products are handmade from natural materials. Due to this method of production, there may be differences in colour or smaller hairline or tension cracks may form. These do not constitute any grounds for complaint with regard to frost resistance.